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Activities in and around Banff, Grampian

While on your self-catering holiday at Banff Country Estate accommodation, there are activities in Banff and sights to see in every direction. You are simply spoilt for choice.



Macduff Aquarium

Britain’s most northerly aquarium featuring the sea life of the Moray Firth.
Hundreds of fishy creatures and a live camera to Troup Head’s colony of gannets looking right into the nests.


Banff is the starting point to the castle trail featuring 11 of the most interesting castles and fortified houses, many have coffee shops.


The whisky trail is on our doorstep. All distilleries are within easy driving distance, they offer tastings, tours and visitor shops.


The quiet roads provide many interesting routes. The area is part of Sustrans national cycle network with sections designed as traffic free.

Wildlife and Nature

The whale and dolphin centre at Spey Bay, a boat trip to see the gannets at Troup Head or the dolphins, whales and seals. The area is a treasure trove for nature lovers, deer, red squirrels, badgers, pine marten, foxes, wildcats in our forests and all within Banff Country Estate.


Superb sea fishing from the coast or from local boats, and superb angling on the Rivers Deveron, Dee or Spey, all 2 minutes to 1 hour away.


This is golfers heaven. Locally are the excellent Duff House Royal, Royal Tarlair and Cullen, but the list could go on and on. From parkland to links and championship courses, the area has it all.

Walking and Hill Walking

2 superb hills which are of moderate walking level are Ben Rinnes and Bennachie, both offer superb views. Lots of coastal walks and woodland walks. The Moray Firth trail and 6 harbour walks start nearby.

Water Based

Surfing lessons can be taken locally or a boat trip to see the dolphins, seals and maybe some whales or the gannets at Troup Head. Sea Fishing trips on boats are also available.